We offer consultation in our areas of competence: electronics, hydraulic systems, mechanical systems and more.

For machines in operational use, the relationship between process and technical design is paramount. We have nurtured a wealth of expertise in appraisal and evaluation through many years of practical experience in dealing with Mobile Machinery, which enables us to “hit the ground running” in every topical domain.
We can identify the problem an develop the best solutional strategy for you.

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Not every problem requires a solution involving new development-
if you know what is possible

Training courses

Besides consulting, we offer individual trainings for you and your team in programming (CoDeSys V2.3 and V3.5 as well as Plus+1). Due to our comprehensive, practical expirience do we know how to overcome typical stumbling blocks. For this we'll share our insider know how and discuss your issues.
With our team next to yours, you will be prepared to take up new challenges!